Quick Napa Trip

Quick Napa Trip

I spent my Saturday afternoon in one of the best places in the world. Napa.

First stop, Clos Du Val. I have a membership there and we had reserved a picnic table. Luckily they had a cancellation and we got to move to the cabana area. Clos du Val really knows how to take care of its members. I was with a large group and we were allowed to go in and out to get out tastings and return to our table with no issues. We did make a quick run down to the local deli and pick up some meats and cheeses to enjoy. My favorite taste from their winery was the Cab Franc-Cab Sauvignon blend.

Second stop was one of my favorites, Beringer. Their service is excellent! Go see my friend Gina, she will take care of you! Best surprise of the day, half off of any cases. What a deal for a case of wine, especially when shipping for members was a flat $20. If you think Beringer is only about white zin, you are mis-informed. Tons of great choices and good wines. This is a beautiful facility and is one of the oldest wineries in Napa. It was established in 1875.

Last was Cosentino Winery. Small tasting room, but again a friendly staff, especially since traffic was bad and we were there right at closing time. I did purchase a Meritage and Sangiovese. What is Meritage? It is a blend fashioned after the red Bordeaux wines of France. Any winery that wants to label their wine as a Meritage has to register it and have it approved.

Sadly, I only had one day to spend in Napa with some friends. Too short, but well worth it. I’m hoping to come back in August to hit my usual places and try a few new ones!

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