Bruliam Wines

Bruliam Wines

On Thursday I went to a wine tasting at Cellar 24. The featured winery was from Sonoma and is called Bruliam. This is a boutique winery that focuses on Pinot Noir. I was fortunate enough to not only meet the wine maker Kerith Overstreet, but to hear her very interesting story. She was once a doctor of pathology and has a degree in enology. Read more about it here:


The wines were lovely with  Rosé of Pinot Noir. There were also 3 Pinot Noirs from different vineyards to taste. It was quite interesting to taste the difference each terroir provided for the wine. I bought a bottle of the Sangiacomo Pinot Noir. It had a very bright red fruit expression.


Check out their website – all profits are donated to non-profits! Amazing. I will have to visit on my next wine trip.

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