Wine Tasting with Delectus Winery

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This was a great event held at Cellar 24 in the Woodlands. (formerly known as Woodlands Wine Company)

I really enjoyed this event as I got to taste some outstanding high end wine, but I also got to chat with the winemaker himself. Gerhard Reisacher is an 8th generation winemaker from Austria. His knowledge and enthusiasm kept the party entertained for several hours.

If you visit Napa, their tasting room is located in downtown. Their wines are delicious! I left the wine tasting with the 2008 Petite Sirah, a great admiration for Gerhard and made a few more people aware of The Unsophisticated Woman!

Here is the Delectus Website for visiting or ordering online.

BTW – Cellar 24 in the Woodlands is a place where you can buy your wine and drink it there, or take it home. Or even drink some there, re-cork it and take it home. They do have cheese plates available. This was my 2nd time to visit for an event. I will be watching their calendar to attend other events.


Light Red Wines

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Recently I have had several women ask me about a lighter red wine. They mostly drink white wines, but are wanting to move to the reds, but haven’t previously enjoyed them because of their dryness. To move into reds, you should start with the lighter, fruity reds. From Italy, there is a wine called Valpolicella. This is a blend of 3 red grapes from Verona. This light red wine can be served slightly chilled. Another light Italian red wine is Lambrusco. This should be chilled and has strawberry and raspberries with a hint of bitterness. You can also try Beaujolais from France. This wine is made from the Gamay grape and is meant to be drunk young. Because the wines are younger, they are fruiter, and have less tannins than the traditional red wines. Then there is Pinot Noir. Serve this wine at room temperature. What makes this wine lighter than traditional reds is that Pinot Noir grapes have a thinner skin, where the wines get their tannins from during fermentation.

Other Light Red Wines Worth Trying

Remember to give Rosés a try as well. Rosés start off fermenting as their red wine counterparts, with the grape skins. After a few days, the winemaker drains the juice away from the skin and finishes the fermentation and aging process. This leads to the pink color. Although it resembles White Zinfandel, it is a completely different wine. Most rosés are quite dry. These wines are served chilled and are very food friendly in pairing. Because they are not overly tannic, they will not overwhelm most dishes but have the strength to stand up to meaty dishes.

So go out there and give those reds a try, let me know what you think and when you are ready to move on to the medium body reds!


Wine Tastings

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I went to another wine tasting tonight (I know, big surprise).

I have realized my favorite part of these types of events is not drinking wine. Don’t get me wrong, I love to try the wine, and whatever food is offered, but the best part is meeting new people. If you see a wine tasting and want to sign up, whether alone or with a friend, I say do it! I love going to these types of events and meeting new people and hearing about their wine experiences, thoughts on food, and their lives in general. It is sometimes surprising how much you can have in common with someone you just met.

Not only did I try new wines tonight, but new friends were made. Cheers!

Sunday’s Napa Visit

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Another day of visiting Napa wineries. And all of them were very enjoyable! First up was Bell Winery. It is by appointment, so call them before going. We met with Maggie; she was very knowledgeable, and we enjoyed hanging out with her. Wine was also fantastic! I have a few bottles coming home with me.

Bell logo, me enjoying Bell Wine and a box of Bell Wine in Napa

Me at Bell Winery Bell Cabernet Sauvignon


Next up was Trefethen. Beautiful facility and again great wine. I loved the Cab Franc.

Check out the lights and wine bottles!


Next was Laird Winery. I failed to take pictures because I was too busy drinking. Lovely staff, and I found out they don’t produce a lot of wine. Instead, their main job is to sell grapes to wineries.

Then we hit V. Sattui for their Italian Deli. It is BUSY. Food was great. Here is a pic of me in the cellar area.

The V. Sattui barrels


Last, but certainly not least, was Beringer. I love this place. Everyone is always friendly. I got my usual case shipped back home. One more day in Napa coming.


Saturday’s Napa Visit

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Black Stallion Entrance

Today we went to 4 wineries and had lunch at Tra Vigne.

First up, Black Stallion. They had a pizza tasting as well. Wine was excellent, and the service was awesome. Love the grounds.

pizza signBlack Stallion Entrance

We then went to Merryvale. I have been here several times and love their facility.

Merryvale Entrance and fountain.

Merryvale Entrance and fountain.


After awesome Pizza across the street at Tra Vigne, we headed to Markham. This place also had great wine, reasonable prices, and excellent service.

Fountain outside of Markham and the wine tasting sign.

Fountain outside of Markham and the wine tasting sign.

markham fountain


We ended the day stopping at Whitehall Winery. They were the only place that had a dessert style wine to taste. According to the sweet wine taster in our group, it lived up to the sweetness with a nice crispness.