About The Unsophisticated Woman

My name is Kay Hill, and I am the founder and president of The Unsophisticated Woman. I began drinking wine in my mid-twenties and was mostly a Merlot drinker, never venturing very far out of my comfort zone. In my early 30’s, I took my first trip to Napa and began to learn and try the names of other varietals. After that, I began to casually read more about wine and attend the occasional local tasting. In my late 30’s, I began to drink some white wines and start learning more about European Wines. I also began grabbing any new cheese that I found in HEB. That is where I stumbled across Etorki, a sheep’s milk cheese from France. From there, I began to try new cheeses on a whim and google recipes that included these cheeses. I began bugging the wine steward at HEB to pair my cheese and wine. I would also tell him my recipe and ask for wine suggestions.


I would then make my “culinary experiment” and talk about them on my Facebook page. I  also did a blog that recapped the Bachelor series, in which I included my observations about my wine, cheese and culinary experiments.


I am now WSET Level I & II certified. (WSET – Wine Society Educators Trust) I won an award of “passing with distinction” by making a 96 on my Level II exam. I have now passed the CSW – Certified Specialist of Wine with a 91. (April 2015)


I also now teach the wine and cheese classes at the Cheese Course on the Water Way. Classes are usually twice a month and private tastings can be arranged.


Of course, I love to drink wine and eat cheese. However, I also love the history of wine, the grapes, the process, wineries and current trends. As for cheese, I love to try new cheese and build my recipe base featuring my favorite cheeses.


I have an enthusiasm and passion for wine and food. I would love to help you learn more in my own “unsophisticated” way.


Thanks for stopping by!